Thursday, October 22, 2015


Hello everyone!!!! It's been a year since I've blogged, and I'm currently blogging from my phone wahaha. As the title reads, I will be talking about how to get to JB City Square Mall and shops I love there. 

I went there last Saturday (24/10) with my mom, sis, aunt and cousin. I really enjoyed myself! Already planning with my mom on visiting that place again next week. It's not my first time there, I have been there thrice I think. But this is my fourth time so I'm more familiar on what to prepare when I visit that place! 

The exchange rate when I changed my money was sgd 100 = 300 so I changed sgd 150 which I got ringgit 450. I changed 100 in Singapore and another 50 in Malaysia btw. U can change ur money inside, it's the same rate more or less. Go to Komtar JBCC to change! The first shop. Ringgit 450 is definitely not enough for me but I got to buy many things. 

Here is a photo of what I got: 

Quite a lot of stuff huh! My fave buy of the lot would have to be my adidas cap. It was ringgit 45 which converts to sgd 15 for me. 

Tip #1: Visit their Watsons store. The stuff there are dirt cheap compared to Singapore. I spent ringgit 220 which converted to around 70ish! Also, check out their purchase with purchase section. I bought bio oil for sgd 7!! And everywhere in Singapore is selling at $15.80, hardly see it on offer. They have a wide range of beauty and cosmetics products. I recommend their INI2T (local brand I think) lip tint, it looks like this: 


Tip #2: Go there early and leave early to avoid crowds and jam! It was my first time going on a Saturday as I went on weekdays on my previous few trips. 

Tip #3: Bring at least 2 八宝袋 which translates to those recycling bags if u know u are gonna shop. I brought only 1 and I had to borrow from my mom cos she brought like 4/5 hahaha siao one. But really, the more the better! Try to bring those that can be zipped into a small pouch and u can unzip only when u wanna use it. 

Tip #4: Don't bring the wallet u use in Singapore if it has lots of compartments. Try to bring a wristlet as seen above. Mine is from Samantha Vega, borrowed from my mom as well hehe. It's easier to reach for the money and also to prevent dropping ur money!! Bring sgd just in case u are short of money and u wanna change for more ringgit. U will never know! 

Tip #5: Try to explore as many food places as possible!! City Square is filled with yummy food places and here are some of my favorite places to eat at: 

1) Arashi 

It's my favorite restaurant in JB! Try their miso broth, it's the top seller. I usually order the pork set and add on ala carte. It's super good I swear! Not on the cheap side but it's really affordable. This time, we paid maybe sgd 60 for 5 pax.

2) Kimdo BBQ

This is my second fave!! I must get this no matter even if my stomach is about to explode. I usually spend the most of my money here.. Try the 老鼠粉, it's mee tai mak with ingredients. For the BBQ skewers, I love their abalone, Hokkaido scallops, boneless chicken wings! Oh and their famous bua long long drink too. Yum!!!! 

3) Nonya Cafe

They have lots of yummy Nonya kuehs but I only eat the one in the picture!! U MUST TRY THE PRAWN CRACKERS AND PRAWN NOODLES. Super good! Ahhhh writing this blog post makes me wanna go JB now..

4) Hui Lau Shan

I will always get their signature mango drink. It's quite good but I wanna try their desserts next time cos I love mangoes! 

5) Pizza Scallop (temporary food fair at the atrium) 

This IS DAMN GOOD???? Omg I love scallops and this is REALLY good. If this is still at the food fair please get it. *saliviates*  

I guess that's all for food!! Oh and I bought a new adidas cap. Loving it! Singapore's adidas stores retailing for sgd 29.90 ish and I got it for sgd 15 only!! Whoop. 

Now for the most important question... How to get there? 

Here's the fastest way in my opinion:

1) Take mrt to Kranji Station 

2) U can choose to take either CW1 bus (it's a yellow bus) or bus 160! Both buses are taken at the bus stop at kranji mrt. 

I would advise u to take the yellow bus if the queue for 160 is long or if it's on weekends!! It's way faster and the queue moves faster as well. 

CW 1's fare: $1 per pax (cash)
160's fare: deducted from ur ezlink card (fare depends if ur card is adult or student card) 

3) They will bring u to woodlands custom check point and just check in, after that u can go down and take the same bus (u don't have to pay anymore) and they will bring u to Malaysia checkpoint. From there just check in and walk to the city square mall. It's just 5 min away! 

That concludes my guide to JB City Square, I will be back on the space soon :) 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ad: Francis & Jean Hair Salon

Hi guys! Omg i'm finally back after such a long hiatus from this space. I've been busy (same old excuse) but my holidays are nearing so i guess i will be more active here! Anyway, i'm more than happy to introduce Francis & Jean Hair Salon today and they are my new hair sponsor! 

When i reached, i was welcomed with friendly hairstylists and they even offered me tea in case i was thirsty. Btw, i drank 2-3 cups cos it was tooooo nice hehe. 

My stylist (Ken) was very patient cos i'm pretty fussy but i settled with Cut, Colour and Treatment. I desperately needed to fix my dry and uneven coloured hair so i was relieved knowing that my hair is in good hands. 

Although i was super reluctant to let Ken cut my hair, but there were many split ends so if i wanted to grow it out, i definitely must get rid of those ugly dry hair to have pretty hair. He was SUPER patient cos i hate having my hair cut. 

I chose an ashy brown shade cos i wanted a change and i liked the end result! After a few washes, my hair colour looks brighter than the day i coloured it.

Told Ken i had hair fall problems (probably due to stress) and he did a hair treatment specially to treat hair fall for me and it felt soooooo refreshing.

Thanks for accompanying me for that 3-4 hours :)

My hair looks so much healthier now thanks to my stylist.

Thank you Ken for doing such a good job on my lifeless hair! 

Some photos on how the salon looks like:

Besides hairstyling, they also provide spa, massage and manicure/pedicure services so you can get pampered like a princess there!

If you'd like to colour your hair too, quote "pony4food" to enjoy a special price of $68 only.

Francis & Jean Hair Salon

Far East Plaza #05-08//#04-17

Tel: +65 63338942//63338932 


Wednesday, July 2, 2014


annyeong everybody! am back with a new post in c/o! super thrilled to share w guys the stuff i received from them but before that, let me explain more about samplestore.

Sample Store is the FIRST AND BEST tryvertising platform in SG offering over hundreds over product samples and thousands over unbiased product reviews which offers FREE SAMPLES and FREE MEMBERSHIPS! Yes, there is actually free things in this world thanks to!

they were extremely efficient in mailing the items, received the parcel within one working day via smartpac. thumbs up for this!

first item i got:

personal rating and review: 9/10
i've bought the full sized product for this before. it really helps in lightening scars. the only thing i dislike is the smell. it's not very sticky too!

i've lots of scars from mosquito bites since i was 13 and always hated my legs :( but thanks to hiruscar, i can finally regain my confidence!

second item i got:

Itoh Collagen Powder
personal rating and review: 7/10
not really a big fan of this... it has a slight taste to it but after all it's good for my skin since it's collagen powder!

third item i got:

DHC Suncut Aqua Gel
personal rating and review: 8/10
this is pretty good as it has SPF 50++! its sticky at first but after awhile it completely soaks into your skin. but since it's from DHC, i don't think i will purchase the full size as it'll be pricey.

third item i got:

Moist Diane Shampoo and Treatment
personal rating and review: NA
haven't tried this yet but i love moist diane's hair oil!

fourth item i got:

Darlie Enamel Protect Toothpaste
personal rating and review: 9/10
it's minty and keeps my breath fresh all day errday!

head over to samplestore now and sign up to get FREE SAMPLES!