Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Poppy Pop

Hi guys! I'm back today with pictures of food from Poppy Pops!! *heart eyes*

Just a disclaimer before I start, this is not an ad. Just wanna share with you guys this cafe that my friend and I discovered 2 weeks ago.

I was at Big Box walking around and two girls came to approach my friend and I with a cute looking brochure.

(Anyway if you guys are intending to visit Big Box after you saw that episode where Bong Qiu Qiu bought lots of cheap dresses at BB, just forget it. I went there and everything was either really hideous or expensive hahaha. Ended up getting snacks that I could've gotten at a normal supermarket near my house.)

So after we were done with BB, we were finding a place for dinner and we remembered we told the girls that we'll drop by so we did. It was a little hard to find at first cos the cafe is at level 6 and the highest level the lift could go is level 5 so initially we thought we were in the wrong shopping mall. But anyway we went to level 5 and we saw an escalator leading up to level 6. Turns out the cafe is just above the food court! But the cafe was the only shop at level 6 so I guess its kinda confusing for some.

We walked in and were warmly welcomed by the staff there.

We settled down and ordered Mentaiko fries ($13) and Poppyza (forgot the price, $12-$14). My friend ordered the Yuzu drink ($5) which she loved.

Yuzu Drink

Mentaiko fries. Definitely a must try! Good for 2-3 people to share. The mentaiko sauce was light and creamy. The fries were crispy on the outside, moist on the inside. They topped it off with spring onion and shallots which btw, I love both of these toppings to death. 

A picture of what we had that day.

Their signature, Poppyza pizza.

Taken from their Ig (@poppypopsg): 

Poppyza- Tortilla based topped with home made chorizo sausage and prawns. To add a finishing touch, we drizzle it with our homemade mayonnaise

The portion looks really small but trust me, it's more than filling for 2 pax to share. It tastes light and healthy yet hearty too.

Poppy Pop is definitely a place to check out if you enjoy cafe-hopping and if you are a westie. I stay really far from the west side so unfortunately I can't visit them as often as I would like to. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this short blog post as this is kinda my first "review" on a cafe and I hope to blog more about food I enjoy patronising. 

With love,

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Life update

Hey guys! Before I head for bed, gonna get this short post up. 

Tomorrow I'll be at Lucky Plaza flea party, Level 6, together with Sammi aka @wildfoxxes (shout out to her for sharing her booth w me) and I'll be clearing all my clothes at $5-10 each. Just wanna clear everything and earn some moolah for new clothes yippee! 

If you guys don't follow me on my social media, I've been selling bomber jackets and you can find them on:
Carousell @pony4food
Instagram @shoppony4food

As for updates about my life right now, I've been working part time and also concentrating more on my instashop. On a side note, I really hope my hard work will pay off. Recently, I've been having major trust issues. Amazing how some people can "conveniently" abuse my trust for them. You know who you are :) Ok enough of negative thoughts. Starting school next month and not looking forward to that, at all. Can't decide if i prefer work or school life more. I just wanna laze in bed all day watching youtube videos... I've been sick for the past whole week too, not even getting a single bit better. I guess March hasn't been a very good month for me, except that my sales for bomber jackets have been great. Other than that, it was a horrible month for me. Guess that's all for my wordy post tonight. Goodnight everyone X

 With love,

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Valentine' Day 2016

Hello! I know I'm always so inactive on my blog but this time I'm here to stay! Why? Bec I got a new laptop. My old one was a bit spoilt and super laggy. I knew I wanted a macbook bec I heard it can last me for years. I also want the iMovie program since I'm more active on youtube now. Initially, I wanted to get the Macbook Air 13" but after contemplating for a long time, I got the Macbook Pro 13" with retina display. Longer battery life, better graphics, it's not as light as air but definitely way lighter than pro w/o retina. Also, I heard it's better in general. Thanks to everyone on snapchat and my friends for helping me decide! Moving on to the main topic, today I'm gonna blog about my Valentine's day. It's the second time I'm celebrating w my bf and he wanted to bring me to somewhere I've always wanted to go but never had the opportunity to. I went to Hai Di Lao! I was literally so excited I couldn't sleep the previous few nights. I kept telling him how excited I was hahaha.

I only woke up at 3pm so we met at about 4.30pm. Took a train to Somerset and immediately went to 313's HDL so that we don't have to queue for so long. The waitress gave us a number and told us we have to wait for 1.5h and the total waiting time really came up to 1.5h. How accurate.

So we sat down at the waiting area and enjoyed all the free snacks, drinks and ice cream.

A selfie while waiting for a table

I didn't like the cherry tomatoes so I didn't include that hahaha.


We finally settled down and a super friendly waitress (actually the staff there are all super friendly) served us with hot towels. We were given an iPad to order our food. We really over-ordered, as always. 

We ordered tomato and chicken soup. Both were okay. I prefer Shi Li Fang tho. That's my fave hot pot place EVER. Insta review here: https://www.instagram.com/p/_06yVsqcDX/?taken-by=pony4food

The highlight for for the dinner to me was the beancurd skin. I LOVED IT! 

Chicken, crab stick and pork belly. More than half of those pork belly we didn't eat bec we didn't really like and it was full portion.... 

Fresh prawns!

And my super full and bloated face after the dinner.

We actually ordered a lot more. Scallops, spicy chicken, enoki mushroom, taiwan sausage. We finished everything except the pork belly. Wasn't to our liking :( We paid additional $4 per person for the sauce (optional) but turns out we didn't even like any of the sauce so we just ate all the food as it is without dipping into the sauce. 

I wouldn't visit HDL again unless i'm feeling filthy rich bec i don't think it's worth the hype (sorry to HDL fans!). But i definitely wanna try out more hotpot places bec my love for steamboat is forever!! Oh and our bill came up to $118 i think, can't really remember but yeah it's really expensive. But anyway thank you to my boyfriend for the treat. It was a great experience, receiving almost royalty service from the staff hahaha.

My outfit for that day!
Top: The Editor's Market
Bottom: The Closet Lover
Bag: New Look
Shoes: Topshop

My present for him/us this year! Customised hand stamped bangles that i ordered online and it's the date that we got together in roman numerals.

Thanks for the rose although I insisted i don't want any cos it's a waste of money!!

Ending off this post with a photo of my cutie carrying my bag and loots from Etude House hahaha.

With love, Clara